How to Install Linksys Extender: An All-Inclusive Guide

How to Install Linksys Extender: An All-Inclusive Guide

Linksys WiFi range extender is one of the best devices to get an uninterrupted internet connection on all your WiFi-enabled devices. The extender comes with a lot of features, giving you an incredible WiFi experience. Regarding the Linksys extender setup, it is quite easy to perform. However, various users find it a bit tricky to install Linksys extender. If you are also one of them, you have landed on the right post. Here, we will thoroughly guide you on how to set up and install a Linksys WiFi range extender. Here we go.

Install Linksys Extender

Linksys extender installation can be completed in two ways. They are:

1. Manual method

2. WPS method

1. Manual Method

You can set up your Linksys range extender manually by accessing its default web interface. Here are the required steps to follow:

  • Put your Linksys wireless extender on power.
  • Let its Power LED become green.
  • Grab an Ethernet cable and check whether it is cuts-free.
  • If the cable is in a proper condition, insert its one end into the Linksys extender whereas another end to the existing router.
  • Also, make sure that the router is turned on.
  • Now, switch on your computer or laptop.
  • Pull up your favorite web browser, be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Internet Explorer.
  • Type in the URL bar.
  • The minute you press the Enter key, you will see the Linksys range extender login page.
  • Insert the user ID and password into the empty boxes.
  • Next, click on the Log In button appearing on the bottom side.
  • You will be reached the Linksys extender’s dashboard.

After that, walk through the given on-screen instructions to set up your Linksys extender.

Voila! That’s how, you can install Linksys extender using your web browser. On the off chance if you are unable to set up your extender or can’t access its default web interface, feel free to contact our highly-experienced technicians without any delay. It would be our pleasure to help you out.

2. WPS Method

If the manual method seems quite tricky to you, go with the WPS method to install Linksys extender. You can either use the physical WPS button on your extender or access the web-based WPS button for Linksys extender installation.

Allow us to explain the required steps to you:

Using the WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) Button

  • Press the WPS button on your Linksys extender.
  • Push the WPS button on your home router.

Done! Pressing the WPS button will configure your Linksys extender with the existing router’s signals. Your Linksys extender has been set up.

Via the Web-based WPS Button

Once logged in and choose the web-based WPS button to install Linksys extender, there are three options you get:

  • WiFi Protected Setup Button

Access the web interface of your Linksys extender. Let us tell you that whether you are performing Linksys RE6500 setup or configuring the RE6700 extender, the web interface is the same, i.e.

After logging in, click on the Wireless > WPS button. Now, press the WPS button to start the Linksys extender installation process.

  • Using the WPS PIN

In the event that your client device includes a WPS PIN, note down it. After that, insert the PIN in the second field present on the web-based interface. At last, hit the Register button.

  • Using the Router’s PIN

On the off chance if your client device demands the PIN of your router, enter it in the third field on the web-based setup page.

All done! Your Linksys extender has been installed properly. If you find any trouble while installing your Linksys extender, let our experts know. They will thoroughly guide you to fix the issue instantly and help you install Linksys extender.