Why is My Linksys WiFi Extender Blinking Green?

If you own a Linksys range extender, then there is no doubt that you haven’t noticed the LEDs located on it. In this particular blog, we will talk about the Power LED on your extender, specifically, the Linksys WiFi extender blinking green power LED. This LED tells you about the power status of the extender. In general, it should be solid green, but it also blinks in green color. What are those situations wherein you will notice a blinking green power light on the Linksys extender? What you are supposed to do if the status does not change from blinking to solid? Get aware of all this by walking through this very blog.

Linksys WiFi Extender Blinking Green: Meaning

There are three situations wherein you will see Linksys WiFi extender blinking green power light.

  • Firstly, when the Linksys WiFi extender is connected to the power source and is turned on, its power light blinks in green color while it is booting up.
  • Secondly, when you reset your Linksys extender and restore the factory default settings on it, the light blinks in green color.
  • Thirdly, the Linksys extender light blinks green while the firmware is getting updated on it.

In all these three situations, when the task gets accomplished ie. either the extender boots up, or when the reset is done, or when the firmware gets updated, the blinking green light should turn solid green. You need to wait till then. However, if blinking continues and does not turn solid, this is when you need to worry and try some troubleshooting steps.

Linksys Extender Keeps on Blinking Green [Resolved]

Power Cycle the Extender

Before you try anything else, perform a power cycle. This easy process can help you in fixing many issues with your technical devices. Use the instructions given below to reboot or power cycle your Linksys extender:

  • Disconnect the Linksys extender from the host router.
  • Turn off the Linksys extender by toggling the power button.
  • Unplug it from the wall outlet next.
  • Let the device be in this state for some time.
  • Now, plug it back in.
  • Toggling the power button again, turn on the power supply.
  • Make a connection between the extender and router.

Did this process help in resolving the Linksys extender blinking green light issue?

Check Power Supply

If no is the answer then try this hack which is to check the power supply to the Linksys WiFi extender. Fluctuating power supply to the extender can be the reason why your extender is not powered up completely or fails the resetting process or updating of the firmware.

So, check the power cable and the power socket that are being used to supply power to the Linksys extender. These ought to be damage-free. Use a UPS if required.

Verify Internet Connection

A faulty internet connection is another reason why the firmware update may fail. So ensure to check the internet connection. You need to check the Ethernet connection between the extender and the host router. After fixing the internet connection, see if the Linksys WiFi extender blinking green light issue has been fixed or not.

Reset it

If you still see the green light blinking on your Linksys extender, then reset it now. This will erase the current settings from the extender by restoring the factory defaults on it. Ensure that you are trying the process properly this time taking care of the power supply.

The Conclusion

Once you have reset your Linksys extender, set it up again using the default values. Once the setup is completed, you will notice the Linksys WiFi extender blinking green light would have turned solid.