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Facing WiFi Issues While Working From Home? Let’s Fix!

Covid-19 pandemic has shoved millions of people around the world to work from home for preventing the spread of the deadly novel Coronavirus outbreak. Though people are striving hard to give their best even while working from home, WiFi issues sometimes put a hindrance on their work delivery, impacting overall productivity. If you are also facing WiFi issues, then you would be happy to know that many such issues can easily be fixed. Let’s make you familiar with the ways that can make your WiFi device work efficiently.

How to Fix the Most Common WiFi Issues?

This post covers solutions to the most common reasons causing WiFi-related issues. Let’s get started!

Problem: Slow Internet in Certain Rooms 

Solution: People often face slow internet access in certain rooms of their homes. It can be due to the bad placement of a WiFi device. If you have placed your device in far areas of your house, instead of a central location, then you are change its location. The closer your WiFi device is to the central area, the better WiFi coverage will be enjoyed by you throughout your house. 

Also, if your device is supporting external antennas, then check and the installation and adjustment.

You can also change the channel your WiFi is set over to the one that is less congested one. It is needed because sometimes the WiFi devices of your neighbors can also interfere with yours if using the same channel. 

After considering all the things, if still, your WiFi is slow, then it seems your router is not able to handle the areas of your home. In such a situation, consider doing Linksys WiFi extender setup to extend the network range of your existing router.


Problem: Forgotten the WiFi Password

Solution: If you have forgotten the password of your WiFi and really can’t remember it, then the only option left is to reset your WiFi device. To do so, press the hidden Reset button on your device using a pin and release it. Doing so will set your WiFi device to the default factory settings.

Once done, configure it again, and don’t forget to keep a note of credentials you have set to secure your WiFi.

Problem: Router connected, but no internet access

Solution: If might sound an outworn trick, but works in many cases. Try to power cycle your extender/router by unplugging and plugging back after some time. Now, check if the issue is still their or not. If that doesn’t work, try to reboot your PC and modem also the same way.

Also, if you have used an Ethernet cable to connect your devices, then confirm it is not worn out from anywhere. If nothing of these helps you resolve the issue, then your WiFi device needs a reset. Or, you can contact your ISP to check if everything is good from that end.

Problem: WiFi connection drops frequently 

Solution: WiFi dropping issue can be due to obstructions causing signal interference. Check if your WiFi device troubles, when you use an electronic device placed closer to it. It may sound a bit odd, but there are many things at your own home than can interrupt your WiFi signals. 

To avoid this, locate your WiFi device far from such appliances. Also, if you have connected a wide number of devices to your network, you may face dropping connectivity. Therefore, connect only those devices which are in use. Don’t rush to connect each and every device that is available at your home. 

You can also update firmware of your device to get the issue fixed!


These were some of the most common issues downgrading WiFi experience for a user. We hope that this post will help you fix such issues and take your work from home experience to the next level. 

If you are facing any other issue, then feel free to send your query to us. Our expert technicians, who are 24×7 available, will help you fix the issue in an immediate manner.