7 Easy Hacks to Fix Firmware Issue on Velop

7 Easy Hacks to Fix Firmware Issue on Velop

Linksys Velop mesh WiFi system has secured the topmost place in the charts when it comes to the list of devices offering a reliable internet connection. To get higher outputs from their mesh systems, users are advised to update the firmware of the Velop nodes. FYI, a Linksys Velop consists of several nodes, out of which one connects to the modem via a wired source and is hence called the primary node. On the other hand, other nodes share a wireless connection with the primary one thereby called secondary nodes. But, it has been found that users face issues while updating their Velop nodes. Are you also struggling with the firmware issue on Velop? If yes, then this post sheds light on 7 easy hacks that you can implement to get your Velop nodes updated in a hassle-free way.

How to Fix Firmware Issue on Velop?

1) Get the Ethernet Cable Replaced

The very first reason dragging you to face Linksys Velop firmware issues is a damaged Ethernet cable holding a connection between the primary node and modem. So, check if what we have just stated is true or false. If true, then you are suggested to lay your hands on a new Ethernet cable and use it for connecting your devices. Additionally, you need to ensure that the cable perfectly fits the ports of your WiFi devices.

2) Check the Browser Version

If you are facing the firmware issue on Velop while updating it via a web browser, then there are chances that you are not using the latest version of the browser. So, wait for nothing and make your way to the settings section of the web browser. Reaching there, you need to install its latest version. Clearing cache, cookies, and browsing history will cause no harm. Thus, don’t hesitate to do the honors. In case you are making use of the Linksys mobile application for the firmware update process, make sure that the app is updated.

3) Kick Off WiFi Interference

Another reason forcing users to face the firmware issue on Velop might be the struggle that your mesh WiFi system’s signals do to get propagated. Are all of your Velop units sitting in a signal interference zone? Let’s make it simple. Are any of the Velop nodes surrounded by heavy electronic appliances or reflexive surfaces? If the answer is yes, then you are supposed to relocate the respective node right away. Just make sure that you are not placing it in a corner.

4) Follow the Correct Instructions

Well, it might sound obvious, but a lot of users are either unaware of the Linksys Velop firmware update process or execute act carelessly while updating their nodes. As a result, they find themselves facing the firmware issue on Velop. Know that while updating the firmware of the Linksys Velop nodes, no matter whether primary or secondary, you must follow the correct instructions. However, you can also take personalized assistance from our tech support team in case you need it.

5) Bring Your Nodes Closer

This troubleshooting tip comes into play especially when you are updating the firmware of your secondary node. This is to inform you that your secondary nodes need to share a safe distance with the primary one to communicate efficiently. If this distance is exceeding the range of the boundary line of the signals emitted by the secondary node, then no matter what you do, updating the secondary Velop node will remain a dream for you. However, the distance should not be zero either.

6) No Background Activities

Irrespective of the platform (web browser or mobile application) used, you need to ensure that you are not doing any unnecessary activity on your mobile phone or computer during the firmware update process. Note that the higher the number of background activities performed, the higher the chances of the firmware issue on Velop. Additionally, avoid unplugging your Linksys nodes and modem when the firmware update is in progress.

7) Ensure Consistent Power Supply

Last, but not least, you are likely to stumble upon the firmware issue on Velop if your mesh WiFi system is not getting sufficient power. You need to ensure that the power supply does not get interrupted during the Velop firmware update process. For this, firstly connect all of the nodes to working power outlets. Secondly, take the help of a UPS. It will ensure a consistent supply of electricity in case of sudden power surges or outages.

All Things Considered

From the stability of the internet connection to that of the power supply, the Linksys Velop firmware update process depends upon a lot of factors. Therefore, you need to check every factor that we’ve discussed above. We hope that after the implementation of the 7 fixes highlighted here, you won’t face the firmware issue on Velop. On the off chance, you do, contacting our experts is not that difficult.